​Alton in the summer

A little something about our candles.

We use high quality natural soy & sustainable Palm waxes in the production of our candles,  Our wicks are crackling wood and natural cotton and 100% lead free.


Toasted Coconut:  Deliciously sweet & creamy topped off with toasted coconut.                                   Reminds us of the tropics!

Cosmpolitan:  Just like the cocktail,  With the scent of Cranberries and a little zest!

Sweet Mango:  A creamy scent of the tropics.  Anyone for a Mango Margarita?

Emerald Isle:  Like the Irish coast on a summer day.  Fresh & Clean!

Highland Heather:  If you have ever walked the hills of Scotland and felt the fresh

                            air on your skin, this is it!

English Rose:  And of course, we had to include the soft gentle fragrance of an       

                           English rose.  A timeless classic!

Lily of the Valley:  Another classic.  Reminds us of spring time in Alton.

Eucalyptus:   That strong crisp scent.  Some say much like a spa or meditation room.

                           It certainly helps with freshening a room!

Ocean Breeze:  Reminiscent of a Carribean beach.  We have topped each candle with 

                           seashells gathered on our travels.  Beautiful un-lit and when burning,  

                           the  shells continue to delight. 

​​Lavender:  And we can't forget the scent that started it all!  That summery, clean 

                          fragrance that is enjoyed world wide!

Candle scents are a personal choice & everyone has their favourites.  Custom orders are available.  Contact us on line or visit us at our many shows for even more varieties.  


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