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Lavender is one of the most often used essential oils in the cosmetic industry. It's natural calming and soothing qualities lend well to the soap.  Lavender is used by natural medicine practitioners to uplift and improve the mood.

We just love the scent!

​​ Lavender Soap 

Celebrating the scents of Indiasia....  This exotic soap has both Argan Oil & Black Cumin Seed Oil,

​known to moisturize & rejuvenate your skin.

​Good for all skin types.

Known for its cleansing features, charcoal draws out the oils & removes. the sebum from your skin.  A great soap for those who are acne prone.​​ 

Malted Barley Beer Soap

Calendula:  a culinary & medicinal herb, is known for its topical acne treatment.  It soothes the skin & aids the healing process.  Bentonite Clay is added for its oil absorbtancy  A great soap for the acne prone.

Canadian Shield: Just like the great Canadian outdoors.​ Fresh and clean

              Morrocan Gold Soap

English Rose

​​Charcoal Bath Bar

Ah!  Back to the days of peace, love & groovy!  A new generation of Hippies are enjoying that earthy scent of Patchouli along with the moisturizing qualities of Shea Butter.  Drift back to the 60's and get your groove on!

Nothing says love better than the scent of summer roses.  Add the silky feel of Shea butter with its moisturizing qualities, and you fall in love with this lovely, refreshing soap.

So many soaps!  Lavender, Charcoal, Moroccan Gold, Malted Barley, Hippie Patchouli and many more.  Our soaps are all hand made in small batches cut and cured for a minimum of 4 weeks to 9 months.  And while we live in the 21st century our goal is to keep our products as healthy for you and the environment as we possibly can.  So our soaps are made using natural products such as Coconut, & Olive Oils.  Shea, Lavender & Aloe butters along with some exotic oils such as Avocado, Argan & Black Cumin Seed Oil.

Sweet Basil Soap

Sweet Basil Soap

​Hippie Patchouli Soap.

Calendula Soap

Morrocan Gold is loaded with Argan, Grapeseed & Sunflower Oils for super moisutrizing qualities. A light dusting of Gold Mica will remind you of an exotic desert evening...

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Sudsy Beer!  Sudsy Soap!  By adding  rich dark ale to our soap process, we've created a creamy, fragrant soap that is sure to please both the men & women in your family. 

Lavender Soap.

​IndiaAsia Soap