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​​​Who are the Amiga's?  Located north-west of Toronto in the beautiful village of Alton, we are a group of women with passion for our products.  While creating the Amigas co-operative, one of our objectives was to keep our products as natural as possible.  So, our spice blends contain no salt or other additives, and our candles are created from Soy and sustainable Palm wax.  Our Soaps and body sprays are again, all natural which makes them good for you and the environment.  Amiga's Natural is a sensory experience.  From the flavours of our spices, to the scents of our candles and the soft touch of our soaps. there is something for everyone.. 

Maria:  Growing up in Toronto, with Greek parents, Maria learned her way around the kitchen at an early age.   She would accompany her father to work at a local restaurant where he showed her how to use herb & spices to flavour food.  Later in  life, Maria & her husband travelled throughout North America and inevitably ended in the kitchens of local families where they were happy to talk about their cuisine. 

Cate:  As an English ex-pat, Cate moved to Canada 27 years ago.  She is always happy to draw on her cooking back ground in England, but her specialty is candles.  The scents that remind you of special times in your life...... a newborn baby, that special evening, a vacation, or just a walk through the woods.  this is what draws Cate to candles.  Another traveller, Cate uses the magic of her travels to flavour her candles.  The sweetness of mango from Jamaica, to the fresh scents of Scotland to the spicey blends of Morocco, each adds its special flavour to the air...

Chris:   It started with Lavender.  Such a wonderful scent but what to do with it?  Chris has always loved hand made soaps.  Wherever she travelled or wherever her friends went, there was always a bar of soap coming home.   It was time to create her own.  With her friends and family's encouragement, she now creates both soap bars, liquid soap, foaming soap along with body and room sprays and for the athletes, the legendary stinky gear buster.. 

Crissy:  And introducing our newest Amiga & long time friend of Chris!  A shopper extraordinaire, Crissy is constantly on the look out for the unique items and products that make us stand out.  From the pricing of raw products to the design and display of our booths, her background in retail design and sales makes her an awesome addition to the group.  And with her eagle eyes on pricing, we have been able to price our products appropriately.  Welcome to the family Crissy!    

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