Amigas Natural

Greek Mediterranean

One of our best selling spice blends!  And with reason.  Maria has drawn on her family background & created a blend that makes greek recipes look easy.  From the  simple souvlaki, the ever delicious lamb, to the aromatic lemon chicken & potatoes, this blend of spices & dried herbs will make your next meal taste delicious!  

Timid Jerk

Nothing can warm you up and make you smile like a little Jerk chicken or pork. Let these flavours whisk you off to the islands.

Chili Chocolate

Chili and Chocolate the perfect marriage.  A seasonal favourite that appears when the cold weather returns!  The richness of cocoa with a slight tingle of chili to warm you up on that cold winter day.


Gourmet Sea Salt

Made with coarse sea salt, dried herbs and spices. Use in a grinder or add to your soups & stews for added flavour.

Icelandic Blend

A wild herb blend that conjures up visions of the volcanoes and geysers of Iceland will compliment your lamb, game meats and fish to perfection.

Curry Spice Blend

Moroccan Spice Blend

Two new blends added to the Amigas Group.  Covering a vast area of Asia, curry is a staple in their diet. And each region has their own personal blend.  We have taken those curries and have created a unique blend for the Canadian market.  Lightly spiced but full of flavour!.

​Our Moroccan blend includes some of the spices used in Morocco.  From the land of spices, Maria has blended and tested until her mix tastes just like the flavourful foods of Marrakech.

Sassy Creole

While travelling through Louisiana I had the pleasure of enjoying the best Jambalaya I have ever tasted. This Sassy blend of herbs and spices bring back those memories, you will enjoy this blend with chicken, seafood, pork, vegetables and rice.                      Maria

Spicy Mexican



Perky Portuguese

The flavours and aromas of old Portugal come to life with a hint of smoke and chili, and are sure to add the spice of life to your BBQ chicken.

Inspired by the flavours of Jalisco and Chiapas, Mexico, this mild blend of herbs and spices goes well with all of your Tex-Mex favourites from tacos and enchiladas to chili.  Excellent as a topper for popcorn on movie nights.